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Hello to all you lovely people!  Amyla here.  This is the Dreamwidth mirror to the LiveJournal SilverFlame Art community.  Some of you may recognize me from a few years ago, when I ran a crowdfunding blog on LiveJournal under the title of shadows_gallery.

And then life happened.  Needing money, I moved for a non-creative job to a very isolated area with spotty internet connection, so I stopped posting very much.  Though the area was fantastically beautiful-- it was near Yosemite National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the country, I feel-- the physically exhausting nature of the job and the remote location made it very difficult to keep working with cyber-based creativity.  Then I became quite ill and spent about a month in the hospital, before returning to Texas to recover.  Very soon after returning to Texas, I found myself caring full time for a relative with Alzheimer's while dealing with my own continuing health issues.  I did my best to keep working with the art, and near the end of last year, I decided to repackage my artistic endeavors under the name SilverFlame Graphics.  I built a site that was to be the centralized hub for my crowdfunded projects, which attracted a plethora of spammers but no real traffic, so I took it down again recently.

Things are changing again.  The beloved relative suffering from Alzheimer's has recently passed into the next world, and though she will be missed, I am relieved that she no longer bears that burden.  I'm still dealing with my own health issues, but I see some hope that they will be taken care of now that some new diagnoses have been made.  I've decided it's time to resurrect SilverFlame Graphics.  I will probably be re-building a static gallery site soon, but I am going to be using LiveJournal as the central crowdfunding hub, as I feel it is more accessible to users.

I hope to run an exciting and interactive community here, resuming some of my more popular events such as $5 Sketch and Character Art weeklong Events, prize drawings, and voting on which digital painting projects I should next undertake.  I am also thinking on adding in some new events, such as a Fic Contest with winners receiving custom illustrations based on their stories.  I will also be creating finished digital paintings funded by a crowdfunding pool.  I'll be mirroring SilverFlame Art between Dreamwidth and Livejournal, and I've also opened a Wordpress account which may eventually become the centralized hub of SilverFlame Art, depending on the traffic.

Anyway, do stay tuned for more!  I will be creating a schedule and event list very soon.


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