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I'm posting here a tentative calendar of recurring events that will be held on this blog.  I may refine, rearrange, or change things as needed, and will post any updates prominently if and when I do so.

Weekly Events (Starting Monday, December 8, 2014)

Mondays 10 a.m. - Friday 9 p.m. --$5 Sketch Events.  At ten a.m., I post an entry to open up for sketch prompts. Sketches will be $5 a piece.  I close shop at 9 p.m on Friday or when I reach a certain number of prompts (determined by my work load), depending on what comes first. Sketches are posted in comment replies.

Mondays 10 a.m.- Friday 9 p.m.-- Character Art Events.  On these days, I open for commissioned portraits of your original characters.  This is great for other crowdfunders or aspiring authors who want to see their creations brought to life visually.  Prices are $15 for a grayscale drawing, $30 for a simple colorized comic-style drawing, and $50 for a more refined and painterly color piece, and I will post payment buttons for easy access.  Artwork is uploaded to my server and links to the high-res files are sent in P.M.s or emails.

Tuesdays-- Participants' Choice Crowdfunded Painting progress updates.  When I'm working on a crowdfunded painting based on a Sketch Day sketch that you've voted for, I'll post updates every Tuesday.  I'll also post updates sporadically as they're available to show.

Fridays-- Consolidation Posts.  This is where I make public posts with all the completed artwork from the Sketch Day and Character Art Day events.

Monthly Events

The first Tuesday of each month-- Sketch Voting.  I will make a compilation post with the sketches from the previous Sketch Days, and will open polls so that you can decide which sketch I should turn into a crowdfunded digital painting.  I will calculate a final funding goal, depending on how detailed the painting will be and how much time I expect to spend on it, and will post a funding ticker on the landing page to keep track of how much has been raised.  I will post progress updates of this Participant's Choice painting project every following Tuesday to the project's landing page until it is completed.

Bi-Monthly Events

The first Thursday of every other month-- Fiction Contest.  I will open up for themed short fiction submissions (between 1000 and 10,000 words).  For this event, the community will be open to users for moderated posting so you may post your ficlets according to the formatting, theme, and content guidelines.  Once all entries are received by the deadline, I will post them to the community and then open the polls for a vote-- you will choose the winners for first, second, and third place.  First prize will be a comic-style color illustration by yours truly of the winning fic.  Second and third prizes will be a grayscale illustration of each.

Ongoing Events

Works-in-progress-- I will be posting a steady stream of works-in-progress (not including the Participant's Choice pieces) and sketches from my own imagination that you can choose to support if you enjoy them.  Financial contributors will receive perks, such as high-res downloads of the completed artwork, prints, and more, depending on the amount contributed.  Pieces that receive financial contribution will be completed, though the ones with greater backing will be prioritized.

Promotions--  I will be frequently creating a post where you can promote your own projects in the comments.  I also will make specific promotional posts to spotlight other creators, especially those who practice a crowdfunding model of business.


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