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Name:SilverFlame Graphics
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Community description:Crowdfunded illustration and art by Amyla Robbins.
There are shifting, nebulous places between sight and dream where ephemeral reflections in dusty glass breathe the life of other worlds, where shadows dance and laugh and sing on the walls of your childhood bedroom, where, if you step sideways and look only in the peripheral, you will see things beyond your wildest imagination.

Come and enter the illumination of the creative flame.

My name is Amyla, and this is the centralized hub of my crowdfunded art endeavors. Here I will host a number of interactive projects and events, including Sketch Days, Prize Drawings, voting on the projects you want me to complete or host, and more.

I am a freelance artist from Texas who practices a cyber-funded creativity business model. If you would like to support my work, you can do so in a number of different ways:

1. Follow this blog, comment, participate, and spread the word!
2. Participate in the events-- give prompts when I open for them, vote, enter contests, etc.
3. Financial support-- leave tips in the tip jar during events, contribute to the big crowdfunded projects, or tip to support the SilverFlame Graphics project as a whole.
4. Order commissions when I am open for them. I will post a price listing for individual commissions.
5. Again-- spread the word!

The content on this blog is largely family-friendly, but could sometimes be rated up to PG-13.

I accept tips through Paypal. See the button below for easy access.

Thank you all for your support!

If you enjoy the artistic offerings of SilverFlame Graphics, please leave a tip!

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