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Good morning, friends and SilverFlame Art supporters!  It's Monday, which means that I am opening for $5 sketch prompts from now until Friday at 9 p.m. CST. Yes, I've changed this into a week-long event, so come on by at your leisure!

The concept is simple:  Leave a prompt in the comments, a short description of something you'd like to see me sketch.  It could be a one-word prompt, such as "Sorrow" or "Transcendence," or it could be something that requires a bit more description.  Use the payment button at the bottom of this entry to pay, and I'll post your sketch both in a reply to you in the comments and in a personal message, where I will link you to the full-sized file.

A few things to bear in mind:

1)   To be legally safe, I'm going to ask that you not request any prompts based on copyrighted material.  So no fan art requests, please.
2)   Please refrain from requesting character designs or portraits at the sketch event, as I have an event specifically for that every week.  I can do vague, general impressions of a person you're thinking of, but more specific looks and designs take a lot of preparatory work to achieve.
3)   Since I'm running a family-friendly site here, I ask that you refrain from requesting anything with explicit sexual content, violence, gore, etc.
4)   Absolutely no requests for anything supporting bigotry, hate, or violence of any sort. I have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of thing.
5)   Please keep your prompt ideas relatively simple.  If you would like a more complex piece, you can request commission prices.
6)   Artwork takes time to complete, and more so when I am working on a lot of prompts, so please be patient!  If I get swamped near closing day, it could take me longer than the week to complete everything, in which case I will postpone the next Sketch Day until everything is complete.
7)    If I reach 20 prompts before Friday, I will be closing early.  This allows me to keep things at a manageable level for the week.  You can leave your prompt on the following week if you miss today's event.
8)   When you pay, please mention in your payment form what prompt the payment is for and what your name/username is so I can keep track of everything.
9) Payment is due before delivery of the sketch and is non-refundable (unless for some reason I'm unable to complete your sketch, in which case I will refund your money).

(A note:  As this is New Year'd week, I will be open for prompts during the duration of the week, but I might be a little slower to answer the prompts over Wednesday and Thursday.  I will absolutely get to every one requested, though.)
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